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Gary Wade McGee (aka Gaz, aka Akoyeh, aka -Z-) is an eco-moral anarcho-fallibilist who practices Self-inflicted philosophy. He is a periphery keeper in a world that doesn't realize that boundaries can be transformed into horizons. He's a contributing writer for Fractal Enlightenment and Waking Times: where Evolution and Revolution Collide, and his first two novels The Looking Glass Man and Birthday Suit of God are available anywhere books are sold.

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    Loving Greatly: A Guide To Self-actualized Love

    15 months ago

    There are three keys to happiness: The ability to love, the ability to let love, and the ability to let love go. Discover strength in vulnerability, respect in freedom, and liberation in compersion.

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    Activism and the Rise of the Animus

    9 months ago

    One billion women rising to the sound of a Gaia battle-cry. Stop the violence against women and Mother Earth. One billion women rising, striking, dancing, and loving despite the powers that be.

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    Eight Signs you May be Living a Courage-based Lifestyle

    11 months ago

    If we are to act courageously there must be something we are hopeful for. It may be as simple as the hope that our courage will save lives, or as complex as the hope that the courage to go against the grain of...

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    Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding

    11 months ago

    Change is inevitable and should not be feared. The question is should we move from an unsustainable fear-based culture to a sustainable courage-based culture. Decolonizing Gaia and rewilding humankind is a step toward...

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    The Importance of Solitude and Meditation

    11 months ago

    Like soft coyotes in a hard desert our power is a veil. Meditation within solitude teaches us humility so that we are able to lift this veil of pseudo-power and discover the truer power of cosmic interconnectedness.

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    A Heuristic Inquiry into the Correlations between Consciousness and Theoretical Physics

    11 months ago

    This thesis is a first-person heuristic investigation of consciousness and theoretical physics. The result of this inquiry is a theoretical construct: the finite-bias principle. This principle is the result of...

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    Eco-moral Tribalism as a New-world Ethic

    13 months ago

    What/where could the Occupy movement be moving towards? Eco-moral Tribalism is one very real possibility. Take the first step into humanity's next great adventure.

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    How to Count Coup Like a Genius

    11 months ago

    Live deliberately through imaginative action. How to Count Coup Like a Genius shows how to get power over power by counting coup on one's ego.

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    Disaster Shamanism and the Vicissitudes of Power

    11 months ago

    The many make one lifetime into less; the wise make one lifetime into many. Disaster shamans are intent upon making their one life into many. The diatribe of the Disaster Shaman is: go forth and simplify.

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    Heyoka Yawning: Initiation by the Thunder Gods

    9 months ago

    Heyoka is the Lakota equivalent of a sacred clown. They were thunder shamans, representing the mysterious dual-aspect of nature and the cosmos. Their tactics were seemingly foolhardy and ridiculous, but they were...

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    Seven Rules for How a Woman can Get a Man to Fall in Love with Her

    20 months ago

    Rule #1: Wait as long as possible to have intercourse. Rule #2: WAIT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE TO HAVE INTERCOURSE! Rule #3: Get him to view you as less of a sexual object and more of a human being...

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    Seven Methods of Self-actualized People

    10 months ago

    Self-actualized people realize That the eye with which they see God is the same eye with which God sees them. They are enlightened, self-actualized, individuated übermensch with their finger on the pulse of the...

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    How to Question Things Like a Genius

    2 years ago

    A genius is someone whose mistakes are more difficult to imitate than his creativity. Genius is nothing more than quantifiable error. These are tactics one can use to quantify such error through fallibilism.

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    What is Self-actualized Love

    14 months ago

    Self-actualized love is a mix of passion and freedom. It is welcomed and enjoyed; non-possessive, admiring, not needy, and pleasure-giving. It is never sated, doesn't require gratification, and generates little anxiety...

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    How to Write Like a Genius

    20 months ago

    In writing, as in all art, comfort is to predictability as perfection is to paralysis. Just as practice begets precision, quantity begets quality. In the end, art is less about what you have not done and more about what...

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